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Wholehearted Commitment

MyndHelp is the brain child of Eduardo Estrada.  He created this website in order to help people handle many mental health issues through some of the most powerful therapy tools: Online Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Music Meditation, Journaling and Self Help Literature.

Mr. Estrada has been a Psychotherapist for over 15 years and he has complied a world class library of videos, music and eBooks to help you succeed in your mental health journey.  Additionally he is providing Counseling services through this website and he uses a variety of counseling techniques like: cognitive-behavioral, hypnotherapy, dialectical behavioral, solution-focused, psychoeducational, trauma-informed, mindfulness, and SAAMA quantum therapy to help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your health and wellness challenges working with you closely in order to help you achieve noticeable results.

Take action now! and become a member and start taking charge of your mental and emotional health.

Eduardo Estrada creator of MyndHelp, Psychologist and Hypnotherapist
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